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Boot Camp for New Moms donations campaign

For over 10 years, Dads of Douglas County has increased public awareness about the important role fathers play in their children's healthy development. We have also worked to change how institutions in our community interact with fathers. Additionally, we continue to provide direct support to fathers by providing parenting training, personal and professional development opportunities, and individual coaching and mentoring.
We are particularly proud of providing the Boot Camp for New Dads workshops in partnership with Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Boot Camp for New Dads links veteran dads of newborns with dads expecting a first baby, so they can share experiences and expectations of parenting and child development. Since 2016, we've facilitated seven workshops and helped more than 50 expectant dads learn the ropes of parenthood. Our next workshop is in April.
We are now excited to expand our commitment to parenting by sponsoring Boot Camp for New Moms, a workshop for expectant moms to learn from real moms about what to expect and how to prepare for motherhood. We believe providing boot camp programs for both dads and moms promotes partnerships in parenting.
Providing the Boot Camp for New Moms program requires becoming licensed and providing training for three women to facilitate the workshops. The training takes place in Denver, Colorado, in the spring of 2018. Several women have expressed interest in completing this training and taking the lead on implementing the Boot Camp for New Moms program.
We need to raise $3,000 to cover the cost of the license and training. We'd like your help in raising these funds. Donations of any size are welcome. However, if you are able, it would take just 15 $200 donations by April 18 to reach our goal. Please make your tax-deductible donation to Dads of Douglas County, 200 Maine Street, Suite B, Lawrence, Kansas 66044 or donate online by clicking here.
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